Contact Channel Strategy

Are your channels aligned with your customers’ preferences? How your channels are prioritized and the consistency of those experiences will keep customers engaged and provide efficient and satisfying interactions.

 Problem-Solving Philosophy

How can we best empower employees to solve your customers’ needs in one contact and without escalation? TCX will uncover journey pinch-points that can be resolved with agent empowerment and monitored through QA.

 Tech and Analytics Utilization

Are you going beyond standard metrics to actionable insights while leveraging your tech stack to its maximum potential? We specialize in maximizing real-time data collection and analytics for immediate results.

 Employee Enrichment

Are you providing foundational support and investing in employee growth? Employees stay where they feel purpose so we provide our team with the growth opportunities, challenges and fun that help curb attrition.

 Leadership Engagement

Is senior leadership aware of how your team furthers their strategic objectives and how the contact center contributes to profitability? We provide board-ready reporting decks to help share the customer experience story.